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We drove to Key West early one morning to spend the day. Arriving just in time for brunch, we started our Key West adventure at Blue Heaven. This place has a really cool outdoor seating area. There’s an outdoor bar that was packed at 10:15 am on a Tuesday. A lone guitarist sang the blues accompanied by crowing roosters and the clatter of dishes and silverware. There was even an outdoor shower provided for those who just came in from the beach, with a sign that read “$1 outdoor shower, $2 to watch”.

We sat down amid the other tourists and ordered a round of early morning drinks. I had a spicy bloody mary; he had a grapefruit mimosa. Perusing the food, I ordered a stack of blueberry pancakes and he ordered a lobster bacon tomato omelet. The spicy blood mary (non-virgin this time) was great. It came with olives and a pickle spear and had just the right balance of alcohol and spiciness. The grapefruit mimosa was light and refreshing on a hot humid Florida morning. The blueberry pancakes were light, fluffy and generously punctuated with giant fresh blueberries.

The lobster bacon tomato omelet was a big disappointment. It sounded fantastic but in reality, the omelet hinged on the quality of the lobster. Even though we were right near the water, the lobster felt like it was cooked in California and flown across the country. Its rubbery texture really detracted from the rest of the omelet.

Overally, the ambiance was great, the service was pretty good, and the food was ok. I’d definitely go back just for the vibe and to try something different.

BLUE HEAVEN Restaurant
729 Thomas St.
Key West, Florida 33040


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We landed in the sun and humidity in Miami and immediately made our way to a brunch spot. We needed some good food before we made the drive to Key West. Despite the heat, we opted to sit on Oliver’s brightly colored patio. I ordered a corned beef hash special with a virgin spicy bloody mary and Jim ordered the eggs benedict.

The corned beef hash was one of the better corned beef hashes I’ve had. I order it every time I see it on a brunch menu. It was the the kind where the corned beef is recognizable as having been meat at some point in its life. It wasn’t the ground mushy type of corned beef. It had a good texture and wasn’t overly salty. The virgin spicy bloody mary was a perfect companion, providing the right amount of zip for an otherwise mildly spiced dish. Jim was really happy with his eggs benedict (poached eggs on canadian bacon, english muffin, hollandaise sauce and grilled tomato). The hollandaise sauce was surprisingly light for being so rich. His plate was completely clean when he handed it back to the server.

We had a good meal here, but I have to admit that the service was a little slow. We didn’t really notice because we were trying to plan out the rest of our vacation. However, it being a Monday morning and there being less than 5 other tables filled, there didn’t really seem to be a reason for the service to be that slow.


Oliver’s Bistro

959 West Ave # 15  

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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