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after a long hard day at the office, nothing beats a good glass(es) of scotch….


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we were eating lunch at a chinese place on new years. the local chinese lion dancing troupe came by to wish the restaurant good fortune for the year. 

lunch and a show. what more can you ask for?

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We went down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see the sea horse exhibit. yes, sea horses are incredibly cute. but the sea dragons, leafy and weedy, really caught my attention. No, I didn’t nickname them leafy and weedy, that’s really what they’re called.

It’s an absolutely stunning creature. The weedy sea dragon is much cooler as it has purple colored “fronds”, but the curvature of the tank prevented a really great picture.

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driving home last night, i saw an acura with something hanging off the underside of the car. i thought i saw eyeballs, but then i thought i had just been staring at a screen for too long. then i realized…. i was seeing eyeballs. it was this:


my carpool mate tried to take a picture, but neither the traffic nor the lighting conditions were cooperating.

and yes, the driver was asian.

(almost) a photo of the day……

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my team popped out for a january birthdays lunch. we headed down to plant cafe.

on their menu they have raw organic juices. this is the fennel apple juice: fennel, apple, mint, lemon. its super yummy and beautiful to look at as well:

Pier3, Embarcadero


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i get a box of organic, locally grown produce delivered to my doorstep every 3 weeks. i LOVE this service from farm fresh to you (http://www.farmfreshtoyou.com). the box is great because it gets us out of the habit of eating the same produce and fruit over and over. there are vegetables that i’ve come to like and others that i only eat when they’re included in the box.  over the years, i’ve developed this formula  for the stuff in the box. green and leafy? stirfry with garlic. non fruit, non green and leafy? roast in oven with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

but this…. this threw me for a loop. i call this the unidentifiable [fruitlike?] object…

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photo 12 of 365

we met up with the nsx club yesterday at the bridgepoint shopping center. here’s one of my favorite images of the 100+ images i took:

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