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driving home last night, i saw an acura with something hanging off the underside of the car. i thought i saw eyeballs, but then i thought i had just been staring at a screen for too long. then i realized…. i was seeing eyeballs. it was this:


my carpool mate tried to take a picture, but neither the traffic nor the lighting conditions were cooperating.

and yes, the driver was asian.

(almost) a photo of the day……


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photo 12 of 365

we met up with the nsx club yesterday at the bridgepoint shopping center. here’s one of my favorite images of the 100+ images i took:

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photo 3a of 365

i found this picture recently and i decided to post it as part of my photo365. i took this in mid-October 2008 at the ALMS weekend at Sears Point. ALMS weekend was a pretty neat event as most of the local car enthusiasts brought our their vehicles.


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Cousin Jinny gets a new car. I get a silly picture.

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