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Jim loves tonkatsu. So much, we have it in our weeknight dinner rotation. When our friend mentioned a restaurant in Honolulu that specialized in tonkatsu, we had to try it. We had a large group of family members join us at the restaurant. We ordered a wide variety of dishes from their menu, however for this posting, I just want to focus on the tonkatsu. We ordered two different kinds: “regular” tonkatsu and black pork tonkatsu.

For those unfamiliar with black pork, its considered comparable to the Kobe beef from the Wagyu cow. Black pork comes from the Berkshire pig, bred in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.  This pork is prized for its juciness, tenderness. The meat is light pink in color and heavily marbled. The high fat content lends its self well to high- temperature cooking, making it perfect for frying the best tonkatsu. The black pork tonkatsu at Ginza Bairin was incredibly juicy and tender. It has a very mild subtle flavor. The regular tonkatsu showed up after the black pork. While still good, compared to what you can get at a typical supermarket and make at home, the regular pork was definitely tougher in texture and less juicy. I wish we had received the regular tonkatsu first.

If we ever find ourselves in Honolulu, we will definitely come back….but only for the black pork tonkatsu!

Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin

255 Beachwalk  Honolulu, HI 96815

(808) 926-8082


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