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We snuck in to Luzzo’s for an early dinner / late afternoon snack. One of my friends recommended it to me when she heard we were going to be in NYC. Luzzo’s is known for their coal oven fired pizza, Neapolitan style. I haven’t refined my “pizza palate” enough to distinguish between a coal fired pizza versus a wood fired pizza. My rookie mentality said that since a coal fired oven maintains a higher heat, the pizza should appear faster at my table. Taste wise, I wasn’t expecting to taste anything materially different in the pizza.

We ordered a large Salsiccia (red sauce, mozzarella, sausage, and basil.) There were a bunch of other pizzas I wanted to try, but I had heard that their sauce was incredible. The pizza was very good. The sauce was tangy and well seasoned; a great balance to the rest of the ingredients. The mozzarella was extremely fresh and had the perfect texture. I was really happy that the sausage was flavorful without being too salty. The basil….well there was only one large basil leaf on the pizza. I was a little disappointed by that. For the most part the pizza was very well cooked. The first two slices were absolutely perfect: crispy crust, enough charring to provide texture and flavor without the bitterness of burnt crust. But the third slice, suffered from a little sogginess as the pizza cooled. My friend, the Brooklyn biased pizza cynic even agreed that overall, the pizza was pretty good.

Next time, I would definitely go back and try different pizzas. That is, unless I decide to try a different NY pizza location. Another somewhat odd thing is that Luzzo’s only accepts cash and American Express. Most merchants accept MC / Visa and not AmEx, so it struck me as a little odd.

211-213 First Avenue (Between 12th and 13th)
New York, NY


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