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After brunch, we had a few hours to burn before our flight so we wandered down the Chelsea High Line over to the Chelsea Market. 


The High Line is a park built on a former freight rail line. The rail line sits elevated above the Manhattan’s West Side. It’s a green oasis filled with places to sit and contemplate the contemporary art on the side of the buildings. The High Line is part green serenity and part peeping Tom (you can see into the residential buildings next to the High Line if the shades aren’t closed).  Hopping off of the High Line put us within a block of the Chelsea Market.  Chelsea Market is a smorgasbord of amazing food locations and cute boutique shops. We went specifically in search of two small boutiques: People’s Pops and Doughnuttery.


As NYC was slowly broiling / steaming in a heat wave, People’s Pops sounded like the perfect treat. I had seen a Food TV show highlighting People’s Pops for their popsicles. They focused on using fresh, natural ingredients and creative flavors. The show also highlighted the special process they use to freeze their product, resulting in smaller, finer grain ice crystals. This makes the mouth feel of the popsicle much smoother.  I asked for the Empire Apple / Lavender pop; Jim opted for the Peach / Vanilla pop. The sales person asked me if I was SURE if I wanted the Empire Apple, saying it was his least favorite flavor combination. Given his reaction, I chickened out and went for a standard Strawberry Lime. I wish that I had trusted my own gut. The Strawberry Lime pop was very good: strong, bright fresh strawberry flavor with a soft hint of lime. Having just bought a Zoku Pop maker at home, it was probably something that I could have re-created at home. The Empire Apple / Lavender combination still haunts me today. Jim’s Peach / Vanilla blend was much more of what I expected: unique flavor capturing the height of a fruit’s ripeness. Yummy. If I go back, I will try the more exotic flavors that I can’t make at home. 

Next to the People’s Pops is a doughnut shop, Doughnuttery, that our friend recommended. They make tiny doughnuts covered in a variety of powered flavors. The doughnuts are made in this contraption that would make Willy Wonka proud, then tossed with your selected flavor. We chose CACAOBOY: Cacao nibs, Chocolate Cookies, Mesquite and PARIS TIME: Lavender, Pistachio, Vanilla. (I had to get my lavender flavor in somewhere!!) The Cacaoboy was just the right hint of chocolate without being too overpowering. Likewise the Paris Time had a lovely light floral taste accented with a clear pistachio flavor. Definitely want to come back here sometime to try the other flavors. 

If you go: 



People’s Pops



Chelsea Market

425 West 15th Street

New York, NY 10011​

(212) 633-4359




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