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On a recent business trip to Austin, TX, I decided to stop by The Salt Lick in Round Rock. Since we were a pretty large group, we opted for the “Family Style” option. The Family Style option provides you with an unlimited supply of MEAT: brisket, sausage, and pork ribs. BBQ isn’t complete with the sides: potato salad, cole slaw, beans. bread, pickles, and onions. To round out the experience, one of the guys ordered an additional set of baby back ribs that were on special.

Brisket: I had an uneven experience with the brisket. The first two pieces were dry and unflavorful and needed quite a bit of the BBQ sauce to make it edible. The next helping was moist, well seasoned, and tasty. No BBQ sauce needed here.

Sausage: LOVED the sausage. Super tasty and very flavorful.

Ribs: I prefer my ribs falling off the bone. The ribs that were part of the Family Style were tasty,  with a good smoky flavor, but they were a little tough for my liking.

Baby Back Ribs: Mmmmm. That’s what I’m talking about. Very well seasoned and falling off of the bone. I was just sad that I didn’t have any room left to finish the entire rack.

Potato Salad: This was definitely a different potato salad than what I was used to. It wasn’t the white, creamy dressing type of potato salad. It was more like chunky mashed potatoes with a zip of mustard. I definitely liked this version of potato salad better.

Coleslaw: Again, a different kind of coleslaw. This focused on just finely shredded cabbage and a good cider-vinegar-esque dressing. No heavy mayo based dressing here. I think I ate a whole bowl of this by myself.

Blackberry cobbler…..5lbs of sugar and 3 blackberries. It was so sweet, I took two bites and pushed it away. Ick.

Other than the dessert,  the meal was pretty good (can’t beat the under $20 price for all that food). But the next time I’m in Austin, I’ll try someplace else just to compare.

The Salt Lick
3350 Palm Valley Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78665


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