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“Are you sure you have the right address?” Jim asked as we cruised through an industrial warehouse area. I doublechecked the address and the GPS for the third time. It definitely didn’t seem like we were in the right location. Then on the right side, you could see a lot of cars parked on the side of the road. “There it is!”

Eatalian Cafe calls this large industrial space home. While the diners are comfortably placed in the front of the warehouse, large windows allow you to see into the production facility. The facility also makes fresh cheeses, gelati, and baked goods. When we were there, nothing was being made, but you could see large wheels of cheese displayed on the back wall. The cafe has a great energy to it and the noisy clash and clatter of diners just adds to the overall ambiance. (It also served to cover the excited squeals from all of the children in the restaurant.)

Eatalian is known for their thin crust pizzas. We ordered three: 8Gi, quattro formaggi, and the Gibo. The 8Gi is a combination of the Rock (tomato sauce,mozzarella,spicy salami,gorgonzola cheese,spinach,bacon) and 4 stagioni( tomato sauce,mozzarella,saute├ęd mushrooms,ham, Italian sausage,artichokes). On a super thin crust, this pizza has something for everyone. The kids attacked the Quattro Formaggi (tomato sauce,mozzarella,Parmigiano Reggiano,Gorgonzola, Pecorino, Feta). I wrestled one of the kids for a slice and barely got a bite. The blend of cheeses was pretty good, but I have to say the feta seemed a bit out of place. The Gibo (tomato sauce,mozzarella, Italian sausage) had a great light taste and left me craving more pizza.

We ordered two pastas: the special of linguini di mare and a house made tagliatelle with porcini and fresh mushroom. The linguini di mare was well prepared, but nothing particularly special. The housemade tagliatelle was also well prepared, but the noodles seemed just a touch overcooked for my taste. Afterwards we indulged in two scoops of gelato: chocolate for him and panna cotta for me. It was the perfect ending for a wonderful Italian meal.

I would definitely come back to eat here. The pizzas were ridiculously good and remind me a lot of what you might find in Italy. The fact that the cafe is very kid friendly just makes it even better!

Eatalian Cafe
15500 S. Broadway St.
Gardena, CA 90248


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