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The Refuge

We met a few friends at The Refuge in San Carlos. They had heard this place had great pastrami  and wanted to try it.

This place has a great selection of  Belgian beers on tap. Jim had a Allagash Victor; I had a Buffalo Stout. The Allagash Victor was interesting. I wasn’t particularly fond of the tart flavor in the beer. The Buffalo Stout is comparable to a Guinness, but lacks the creamy quality that I like in Guinness. But enough about the beer… what about the pastrami?

I ordered the Reuben (Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Melted Swiss, Russian Dressing, Toasted Rye) and was not disappointed. I really liked the thick cuts of pastrami that they put on the sandwich. Jim ordered a Toasted #19 (Swiss, Coleslaw, Russian Dressing, & Toasted Rye). I’ve been told however, that a thick cut of pastrami isn’t “proper”, but I think these are just the people who are used to the NY style deli pastrami. Both sandwiches are pretty messy. The speed at which the sandwich falls apart is solely dependent on how carefully you eat it.

I’ll definitely go back when I have a craving for a great sandwich.

The Refuge

963 Laurel Street,
San Carlos, CA 94070
Tel: 650-598-9813



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