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I met some friends at Orson for dinner Tuesday night. I picked this place on the recommendation of Open Table and because a sneak peek at the menu said DUCK FAT FRIES. The space is industrial and modern, but warm at the same time. It has a very intricate design on the front windows. For a second, it blurred the name of the restaurant and made it hard to read. Either that or I just had a long day and wasn’t thinking properly. Once inside, the space is light and airy. The focal point of the restaurant seems to be the bar with a very cool paper-like scupture / light source. There is a digital wall behind the “paper” light sculpture, but I was fascinated by the light.

We sat down and picked a random sample of items to graze on: two appetizers, one pizza,  one side, and two entrees.

Appetizer: Arugula Salad: perfect texture of fresh arugula, asian pears, and cane vinagrette. There was just the right amount of dressing. Burrata – wonderful home made soft cheese. The country bread served with it was excellent. Perfectly grilled with olive oil. It was a great combination.

Pizza: fennel sausage with chunks of fennel and ricotta. Thin and crispy crust with a great combination of textures.  It’s a combination of toppings that I wouldn’t have necessarily put together myself, but definitely worked really well together.

Side: duck fat fries. This was one of the prime reasons that I picked Orson. They were expertly fried, crispy and soft in the middle. One thing I was disappointed about is that you couldn’t really get a flavor of duck in the fries. For some odd reason, I was expecting that.

Entree: Short Rib – very flavorful and soft in texture. They deboned the short rib for you and you don’t need a knife to eat this dish. This is definitely the way I like my short rib. If only I could learn to make it like this at home! It was served on a bed of diced roasted beets. It provided a nice earthy pairing to the short rib. Chestnut Ravioli: This was pretty good however, I felt that the ravioli were slightly overboiled. The pesto was a little overpowering for me. The chunks of butternutsquash on top were wonderfully sweet.

Overall, the food was pretty good. I’d definitely go back for drinks and the ambiance.

508 4th Street (between Bryant & Brannan Streets)
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 777-1508



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sun through trees outside of the maples pavillion on stanford campus.

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my team popped out for a january birthdays lunch. we headed down to plant cafe.

on their menu they have raw organic juices. this is the fennel apple juice: fennel, apple, mint, lemon. its super yummy and beautiful to look at as well:

Pier3, Embarcadero


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i get a box of organic, locally grown produce delivered to my doorstep every 3 weeks. i LOVE this service from farm fresh to you (http://www.farmfreshtoyou.com). the box is great because it gets us out of the habit of eating the same produce and fruit over and over. there are vegetables that i’ve come to like and others that i only eat when they’re included in the box.  over the years, i’ve developed this formula  for the stuff in the box. green and leafy? stirfry with garlic. non fruit, non green and leafy? roast in oven with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

but this…. this threw me for a loop. i call this the unidentifiable [fruitlike?] object…

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i walked out my front door this morning and came face to face with a very portly skunk.

at first in my bleary eyed confusion. i thought it was the cat that lived across the way. but when my other senses kicked in, i realized that it was a real live skunk. i fumbled for my iphone to snap a pic. but as i was trying to get my bag open…. it ambled away.

(almost) a photo of the day.

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saw this today at a thai restaurant where I was having lunch. who “returns” their plate??

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we met up with the nsx club yesterday at the bridgepoint shopping center. here’s one of my favorite images of the 100+ images i took:

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