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I’ve been a big fan of buffalo meat over the last couple years. Buffalo meat has a rich, beef-like taste. Its lower in cholesterol and calories yet higher in iron and protein. Buffalo is a good “red meat alternative” for those who seem to have a problem with eating real red meat.  When prepared well, the average person probably can’t tell the difference between buffalo and cow meat. After a couple attempts at making buffalo at home, I’ve learned that well prepared buffalo is definitely a treat.  Overcooked buffalo is comparable to old shoe leather.  You could potentially eat it, but it’ll be pretty tough to chew through.

Which brings me to the buffalo burger at Rave Burger in San Mateo. This well seasoned burger is perfectly cooked so that the warm pink interior is super juicy.  I also appreciate the fact that they trim the lettuce in to nearly a perfect circle to fit the patty and bun so you’re not left with a lot of lettuce hanging off the edge. Pair this burger with the sweet potato fries and I’m in heaven…..

Rave Burger
144 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA
(650) 342-6689‎

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